Sibel for Edrict Tjandra: Blue Moon

“Sibel’s Whimsical Artistry: A ‘Blue Moon’ Transformation with Edrict Tjandra”


At Sibel Hairdressing, we revel in the creative possibilities of hair, and we’re thrilled to share our recent artistic collaboration with the incredibly funny comedian and presenter, Edrict Tjandra. Known for his humor and lively persona, Edrict took a leap into the world of hair artistry with us, resulting in a whimsical dark blue hair transformation that vibes like a ‘Blue Moon.’


Meet Edrict Tjandra: A Comedian with a Lively Spirit: Edrict Tjandra is not only a talented comedian and presenter but also a vibrant personality known for his infectious humor. His lively spirit and love for laughter made him an ideal collaborator for an artistic journey that would reflect his unique personality.


The ‘Blue Moon’ Transformation: A Playful Exploration: For Edrict, we embarked on a journey to create a hair transformation that would capture his fun-loving nature and his penchant for the unexpected. We chose a dark blue hue that emulated the deep, mysterious beauty of a ‘Blue Moon.’ This choice was bold and playful, just like Edrict’s sense of humor.


The Artistic Process: Precision and Imagination: Crafting Edrict’s ‘Blue Moon’ hair was a meticulous process that combined precision and artistic imagination. Our expert colorists carefully applied and blended the dark blue tones, ensuring that each strand resonated with the enchanting beauty of a moonlit night. The result was a mesmerizing and whimsical transformation that celebrated Edrict’s humorous persona.


A Playful Celebration: Edrict Tjandra’s ‘Blue Moon’ Hair Journey: Edrict’s ‘Blue Moon’ hair is more than just a change in appearance; it’s a playful celebration of humor and artistic expression. It reflects his ability to find joy in the unexpected and showcases his one-of-a-kind personality that shines as brightly as the moon on a clear night.


Experience the Whimsy of Sibel’s Artistry: We invite you to experience the artistry and transformation that Sibel Hairdressing can bring to your life. Whether you’re a comedian like Edrict Tjandra or someone seeking to explore new horizons in beauty and individuality, our team is here to make your vision a reality.


Your hair is our canvas, and Sibel Hairdressing is the place where creativity and beauty converge. Join us and discover the magic of transformation, where every strand tells a story of humor, imagination, and the whimsical nature of artistic collaboration. Celebrate your unique style with us, where beauty knows no boundaries.

Edrict Tjandra