Sibel for Jesslyn Lim: F-ASH-ION

“Sibel’s Ash Blonde Transformation: A Collaboration with Jesslyn Lim”

At Sibel Hairdressing, we embrace every opportunity to create hair artistry that transcends boundaries and showcases the beauty of transformation. We are excited to share our recent collaboration with the talented Jesslyn Lim, an Asian Next Top Model and TV host, as we embarked on a journey to bring the elegance of ash blonde to her locks.


Meet Jesslyn Lim: A Visionary in the Spotlight: Jesslyn Lim is not only a prominent figure in the world of fashion and television but also a style icon known for her grace and charisma. Her desire to explore new horizons in beauty and fashion led her to Sibel Hairdressing for a transformative hair experience.


The Ash Blonde Transformation: Elevating Elegance: For Jesslyn, we set out to create an Ash Blonde transformation that would perfectly complement her sophistication and style. Ash blonde is celebrated for its cool and refined tones, and it was the ideal choice to enhance her natural beauty.


The Artistic Process: Precision and Creativity: Crafting Jesslyn’s Ash Blonde look was a meticulous process that combined precision and creativity. Our expert colorists carefully blended and applied the ash blonde shades, ensuring that every strand was a work of art. The result was a stunning and elegant transformation that beautifully framed her face and elevated her overall look.


Elegance Redefined: Jesslyn’s Ash Blonde Journey: Jesslyn’s Ash Blonde transformation was more than just a change in hair color; it was a redefinition of elegance. Her new look exudes confidence and sophistication, aligning perfectly with her presence in the spotlight.


Experience the Beauty of Sibel’s Transformations: We invite you to experience the artistry and transformation that Sibel Hairdressing can bring to your life. Whether you’re a fashion icon like Jesslyn or someone seeking to explore new horizons in beauty, our team is here to make your vision a reality.


Your hair is our canvas, and Sibel Hairdressing is the place where creativity and beauty converge. Join us and discover the magic of transformation, where every strand tells a story of elegance, confidence, and style. Celebrate your individuality with us, where beauty knows no boundaries.

Jesslyn Lim